First Australian Centripipe Project Completed

January 31, 2017

The first project utilising the Centripipe centrifugally cast structural pipe liner has been completed in Australia. 


The project covered a large area with five different culvert locations being refurbished under rail line that was still being used on a daily basis for the export of Iron Ore from the region.  Culverts ranged from 900mm through to 3100mm diameter with one being an elliptical shaped reline.


The project will be closely monitored by TCD Services with strain gauge testing being booked for a twelve month period away from practical completion.  'This is going to give us the ability to test the USA engineering and testing in Australian conditions' said Adam Taylor, Managing Director of the TCD Group of Companies.  'We are comfortable with the comprehensive testing done to date in the USA both in the lab and in the field but we would like to be able to provide our clients with the piece of mind that we have replicated the results in the toughest environment the product is ever going to see'.


TCD Services is the Centripipe Licensed Representative for Centripipe in Australia and New Zealand



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